Wipro Enterprises estimates monthly financial closing time to halve with SAP on Google Cloud

Rejin Surendran, Global Chief Information Officer of Wipro Enterprises Limited, and Anantharaman Balakrishnan, Sales Director of Google Cloud India, discuss ways to drive technology and digital transformation using SAP and Google Cloud in this episode of CloudVersations.

Elaborating upon the strategic role of a CIO in driving digital transformation, Rejin said the idea is to ensure that technology is embedded in growth initiatives. “I would emphasise the point that CIOs should take the lead in driving digital transformation by effectively partnering with peer leaders. And it's important that they equally partner with them in driving the change across the organisation and championing the adoption of digital capabilities,” he said.

One of the focus areas in the technology-led initiatives at Wipro Enterprises is the digital core transformation that is happening in the company's infrastructure and engineering business. “As part of this transformation, we are also looking at enabling a very effective way of collaborating with our customers and suppliers. We are also looking at driving better visibility across all our functions and also enabling seamless end-to-end planning enabled through a technology that will help us optimise costs and improve efficiencies across all functions,” said Rejin.  

SAP and Google Cloud have played a critical role in helping Wipro Enterprises achieve its business priorities through a digital transformation process. “SAP being our core ERP has an important role in driving the vision of an intelligent enterprise, and that's where the SAP RISE offering on the Google Cloud Platform plays a critical role in achieving some of these business priorities. Since we've also chosen Google Cloud Platform for our analytics journey, it was a natural choice to have the core ERP also hosted on the same hyperscaler platform,” explained Rejin.  

As far as the tangible business benefits that Wipro Enterprises has been able to drive with SAP on Google Cloud are concerned, Rejin listed speed to market, equipment efficiency, and employee satisfaction as key points. “I think the SAP and Google Cloud offering has been able to provide us with a very good value proposition for all of these key transformation programmes.

The first and foremost aspect is the agility and speed to market the team has been able to demonstrate in the overall provisioning of the environment and the rest of the engagements. The second important aspect is the collaborative nature in which the team has been able to work with our own internal IT teams and with our system integration partners," he said.

Regin goes on to highlight that once the programme is completed, "We expect this to deliver some of our key business benefits like an almost 10-12% improvement in the overall equipment efficiency. We expect to cut down our month-end financial closing times by half. The programme will also deliver a reduction in overall inventory days as well.

With S/4HANA on Google Cloud, we expect the overall system performance to improve significantly and also to deliver a much better user experience which will overall lead to employee satisfaction as well.”

Catch Bala and Rejin discuss ways in which SAP and Google Cloud are helping mid-sized to large organisations embark upon their digital transformation journeys.

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