MyRepublic saves 50% on IT costs by switching to SAP on Google Cloud

In this episode of CloudVersations, Megawaty Khie, Country Director, Google Cloud Indonesia, is in conversation with MyRepublic’s Chief Technology Officer, Hendra Gunawan, and Chief Finance Officer, Edric Kurniadi. They discuss MyRepublic’s impressive double digit growth in the highly competitive connectivity business as well as the company’s successful business transformation with SAP on Google Cloud.

Elaborating upon their ambitious expansion plans in their seventh year, Hendra said the group plans to take MyRepublic’s coverage to 21 cities in all by the end of 2022. “We are aiming to be the best in the industry, which is in line with being the pride of Indonesia. We also have a vision to expand our network nationwide. This year so far we have added five new cities and plan to add more cities by the end of the year. This will take MyRepublic’s coverage to a total of 21 cities across Indonesia.”

Edric Kurniadi said the company has faced no problems since they migrated their system to Google Cloud in 2021 as part of their digital transformation journey. “Currently, MyRepublic has embarked upon a process of digital transformation. We needed a partner that had good technology, was cost-efficient, and had the ability to help as we scale up demand. With Google Cloud we have found those benefits. We do not have to pay for unnecessary software licence fees, which helped us tremendously. In addition, by putting our SAP on Google Cloud, we trust that Google can provide the best security and infrastructure for our SAP program.”

There are some tangible direct business benefits that MyRepublic has achieved with SAP on Google Cloud, said Edric. “We run our system on the SAP on Google Cloud platform making us more reliable, allowing for scalability while supporting our digital transformation. We are anticipating this will improve the delivery of our digital services to customers as well as partners. So, by using Google Cloud, we've experienced faster speed in accessing data and generating reports. We have saved 50% of our total investment in IT by switching to Google Cloud.”

Catch Megawaty, Edric, and Hendra discuss the synergy between MyRepublic and SAP on Google Cloud, along with other nuances of digital transformation.

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