Business value of Google Cloud for SAP environments

Public cloud adoption is rapidly becoming a preferred destination for a wide range of workloads. Read IDC’s report on the full potential impact for organizations of running their SAP ecosystems on Google Cloud, including lowering infrastructure costs, minimizing productivity losses, and enabling greater efficiency for teams across the organization.

Transformation in the cloud: Driving enterprise growth across APAC

Cloud momentum is building across Asia Pacific, but the transformation journey is unique to each organization. This white paper details how successful cloud adopters harnessed the potential of cloud technology in different ways to build integrated systems that provide visibility and faster access to data, allowing for better-informed decision making.

Business transformation for a digital-first world

This IDC report looks at business transformation through the lens of the future enterprise, the new benchmark for digital transformation, where digital acceleration and resiliency are complementary and mutually reinforcing. See how digital capabilities in enterprise intelligence, experiential engagements, and developing an innovative digital workforce can help future-proof organizations.

Blog - Stepping up business transformation with SAP RISE and Google Cloud

The RISE with SAP initiative was born out of the recognition that enterprises need an easy path to the cloud as well as cloud providers and consulting partners to help them achieve business objectives. Learn how RISE with SAP on Google Cloud minimizes risks and costs, while creating fast time-to-value.  

Accelerate transformation with RISE with SAP on Google Cloud

With RISE with SAP on Google Cloud, companies of all sizes can avail of the simplest and safest cloud migration that can cut down infrastructure costs, reduce downtime, and find new revenue streams by leveraging advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities.