Video - SAP Retail innovations with Google Cloud

Visualize through the eyes of a customer the value of generating sales insights, understanding consumer needs, and optimizing inventory for SAP Retail with Google Cloud. Google Cloud’s intelligent, data-driven offerings can be leveraged by SAP Retail customers to help transform store operations and digital experiences across organizations with evidence-based insights.  

Blog - How SAP users are achieving retail transformation with Google Cloud

Retailers need to offer a customer-focused, data-driven, seamless customer experience to benefit from online commerce, but transitioning to this is filled with technological roadblocks. The partnership between Google Cloud and SAP is helping retailers achieve digital transformation success in a number of ways.  

ASUG SAP retail customer survey and white paper

Technological evolution is gathering steam among retail businesses, particularly among those who realize it’s critical to their survival. In this joint study, ASUG and Google Cloud set out to understand the journey of SAP retail customers in terms of their digital transformation – from inception and challenges to strategies and investments.

Forrester spotlight: Retail organizations improve productivity, efficiencies with SAP on Google Cloud

Google Cloud commissioned Forrester Consulting to study the potential financial impact of migrating and running SAP on Google Cloud. The study found retail organizations that migrated were able to save costs by shifting focus away from infrastructure management as well as experience improved employee productivity and supply chain management.