Whitepaper - Harvard Business Review Finance Whitepaper

Finance now sits at the crossroads of IT strategy and business intelligence. Learn how companies and finance leaders who embraced being data-driven during the pandemic were able to leverage financial and operational data to make real-time decisions to optimize costs and focus on their highest revenue potential to preserve cash.  

Infographic - Increasing scalability and performance for even the heaviest financial workloads

SAP and Google Cloud demonstrate the benefits of running heavy financial workloads on a Google Cloud scale-out environment. As an alternative to monolithic scale-up approaches, this scale-out architecture allows customers to leverage the power of multiple distributed processing units in cloud environments to more flexibly scale their systems on demand.

Whitepaper - Increasing scalability and performance for even the heaviest financial workloads

The financial services industry has to manage high data volumes, while also dealing with data lineage, quality, availability, and real-time analytics. This paper details how running financial products subledger with a scale-out architecture on the cloud is proof of the agility and performance that SAP on Google Cloud can deliver.  

Blog - Google Cloud and SAP demonstrate massive scalability for financial services customers

Google Cloud and SAP worked on a project to demonstrate the cloud’s capabilities to run financial products subledger at scale. Learn how Google Cloud’s expertise in building scalable, distributed systems and SAP's mission-critical business process automation helped financial services companies deploy a scale-out solution with improved performance, reliability, and efficiency.