Why consumer packaged goods companies are modernizing with SAP on Google Cloud

Google Cloud helps organizations digitally transform by focusing on high-value opportunities with scalable benefits. SAP on Google Cloud gives CPG companies an easy, cost-effective entry point for real-time insights. We examine here how the flexibility of the cloud is enabling companies running on SAP to power next-level intelligent operations.  

Whitepaper - CPG innovation with SAP on Google Cloud

In today’s on-demand, omnichannel world, it is critical for CPG companies to anticipate consumer preference and deliver personalized experiences. This paper showcases how Google Cloud enables CPG companies to realize consumer-centric innovation at scale by identifying high-value opportunities that unlock SAP data and utilize advanced analytics capabilities of the cloud.

Video - Powering intelligent operations for CPG with SAP on Google Cloud

Combining SAP with Google Cloud is helping CPG companies create an intelligent organization with AI and machine learning capabilities. Learn how this is enabling CPG players to operate with agility, break down data silos, rapidly analyze insight, and identify opportunities to anticipate constantly evolving consumer preferences and deliver personalized experiences.

7 reasons why CPGs choose Google Cloud for SAP

Seven of the top 10 global retail and CPG companies trust Google Cloud Solutions. Discover how migrating SAP to Google Cloud is helping CPG companies modernize their SAP landscapes, unlock agility and innovation, cut costs, and make smarter decisions across their operations to future-proof their businesses.

Transforming the consumer goods industry with SAP on Google Cloud

Leading consumer brands are increasingly turning to SAP on Google Cloud for a digital foundation that drives business agility, security, scale, and flexibility. CPG companies can leverage the combination of SAP data and additional data signals to support innovation and customer satisfaction with the advanced analytics capabilities of the cloud.