Fast track sustainable IT with SAP on Google Cloud

Migrating SAP to Google Cloud can help IT organizations benefit from a clean, efficient cloud infrastructure and reduce their net operational emissions. See how companies can leverage data and AI/ML capabilities to identify and implement sustainability opportunities across every part of their business.

Building the digital factory with Google Cloud and SAP

Learn how manufacturers can combine their operational and business data at scale to build an intelligent, connected digital factory by integrating SAP’s enterprise applications with Google Cloud’s AI/ML and data analytics capabilities. Access to faster insights and accurate forecasts from SAP on Google Cloud will help companies enhance manufacturing.  

Infographic - Building the digital factory with Google Cloud and SAP

Manufacturers today face a new set of challenges, including rising consumer expectations, a growing skill gap, and environmental sustainability concerns. Many also struggle with how to implement and integrate advanced technological solutions. See how SAP on Google Cloud can help manufacturers build and leverage the benefits of a digital factory.  

Whitepaper - Google Cloud enables a digital factory for SAP manufacturing customers

Evolving consumer requirements and technology are driving the need for transformation in the manufacturing industry. This paper delves into current trends and highlights Google Cloud’s ability to help manufacturers enable a digital factory alongside the value of implementing SAP on Google Cloud to mitigate the challenges they face today.

Whitepaper - Harvard Business Review Finance Whitepaper

Finance now sits at the crossroads of IT strategy and business intelligence. Learn how companies and finance leaders who embraced being data-driven during the pandemic were able to leverage financial and operational data to make real-time decisions to optimize costs and focus on their highest revenue potential to preserve cash.